RISE is passionate about the children and community that surround First Chance Education Centre. We have been working with the school and its director, Mama Lucy, since first volunteering in Tanzania in 2015.


Inspired by the children, especially one little girl named Amilen, and the people we met, who value education and learning despite facing numerous challenges, RISE's founder Brittany, is committed to serving as patron of the school (translation: She’s dedicated to doing everything she can to help the Centre grow into a reliable home base for families and young children in Moshi.).

Tanzania is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa. With goals of expanding and improving early childhood care and education and ensuring that all children – particularly, girls – have access to free primary education, the government of Tanzania provides free education to all children; however, many barriers remain. Families are required to pay small fees to fund school uniforms for each child, transportation to and from school, and lunch for each student. Many families in the area simply can’t afford it and many children in the area are living as orphans or lack the family structure necessary to support their education.

We can help.


Join us August 23 - September 5, 2018 for our next vision trip!